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The Bohemian style mirrors that life by combining objects, colors, and patterns from many areas of the world. If you are looking for a style that you can truly make your own, Bohemian design might be for you.


A bohemian living space wouldn’t be complete without plants, and we say the more the better! Flowers, lush greenery, or a bunch of natural dried pampas grass looks lovely indoors and instantly adds a fresh and rustic feel. Bohemian décor involves decorating your home with things you truly love. It incorporates diverse patterns, colors, and textures that speak to you.

Rattan Wicker Planter Pots
Wicker accent bed side table stool_edited.jpg

The beauty of handicrafts lies in the details. A machine can never fully create the unique feeling of a handmade tables or a handwoven wicker pattern. India’s rich heritage of traditional, artisanal knowledge lives on. The city Bareilly was known as Baans (Bamboo) Bareilly because of so many artisans working in rattan furniture and home decor. 

Since the Indian handicraft industry is labor intensive, there is minimum use of machines to produce various handicrafts. Most of the artisans produce handicrafts using simple tools and equipment made of woodworks or metals. Many handicrafts like bamboo articles, lac products and so on only need the use of the bare hands and the intricate workmanship and the creativity of the artisans. 


Bohemian style is for those who want their homes full of life, interesting stories and traditional crafts. This aesthetics flies in the face of modern sensibilities and embraces creative, carefree, and unconventional decor.

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