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Our Story

The concept of Symettry was build observing the skill set of artisans of Bareilly and their standard of living. The focus is not only on bringing back the craft from mediocre to contemporary pieces but also changing consumers' mindset about material and product quality and making you love the authenticity of the craftsmen and their craft.

Rattan Lounge Chair for living room

Sustainable Living

Conscious efforts to live sustainably

With us it is super simple to understand what you are buying and who is making it. Together let's be conscious about living.

The population of trees and forests is decreasing day-by day. This increasing need for wood has been beautifully supplemented by rattan and cane. These eco-friendly materials have their own style and elegance apart from being light weighted and durable.

Artisan Made

From our Local Artisans to your Home Spaces

Our products are indigenous yet have a touch of elegance to it. These products are handcrafted for consumers who are conscious about local artisans and their skills and have a knack for simplicity. Here in Symettry, our constant effort is to create value for customers through carefully handcrafted pieces and bring to light the skills and culture of our local artisans of Bareilly.

Artisanal Made Rattan Home Decor
Rattan Palm Plant

Our Material

Crafted from Sustainably grown Rattan Palm Plant.

Rattan is a product of the palm plant; it is a type of vine that climbs up the trunks and branches of trees in the jungles of South East Asia. It is one of the strongest wood species in the world. While it looks and feels like bamboo, the main difference between the two species is that bamboo doesn't bend like rattan does.

Cane is also a material that comes from the rattan palm plant. Cane is the outer "bark" part of the rattan tree. It's created by peeling the top layer off of the rattan vine. Cane is not as porous as rattan, so rattan can stand up against water and does well in damp environments.

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